Racecar: KISS - A Love Story

KISS - A Love Story

Tittel KISS - A Love Story
Kategori Håndverk Design
Byrå Racecar
Kunde Racecar
Produkt Animert kortfilm
Innrykket i media So far shown on shortfilm festivals around the world. Will be released to the online world from february 2012.
Dato/tid for innrykk September 2011 > March 2012

Kiss was a labour of love for co-directors Joseph Hodgson and Franck Aubry. It sets out to explore something as innocent as a kiss. Produced with little to no budget, based on a modest but omnipresent theme - a love story. Inspired by the world around us, and presented in an ominously dark world where it's story slowly unfolds, leaving the viewer to make their own conclusions as to the outcome of the film.

Presented in glorious black and white, super widescreen format and with no dialogue it aspires to create a timeless aesthetic and story that has universal appeal. Kiss is a love story plain and simple. We believe that every solar eclipse is the moons attempt to reach the sun...


Rolle Navn
Animasjon Franck Aubry
Animasjon Joseph Hodgson
Lyd Erlend Elvesveen
Lyd Sven Erik Nordset
Musikk bendik
Produksjonsbyrå Racecar
Regissør Franck Aubry
Regissør Joseph Hodgson

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