Norrøna Sport AS: The outfit – The view

The outfit – The view

Tittel The outfit – The view
Kategori Integrert
Byrå Norrøna Sport
Kunde Norrøna Sport AS
Produkt trollveggen kolleksjonen
Innrykket i media 15.08.2016
Dato/tid for innrykk 16.09.2016

Trollveggen is the name of the best performing alpine apparel of Norrøna. When we re-launched the concept our aim was to make sure core climbers would continue to trust, prefer and use the trollveggen gear.


Through the POV format we invited our consumer into the lives of the professional mountaineers - the setting that the collection is specifically developed for.

We presented: The outfit – The view.

With these simple words we engaged our most fearless ambassadors to take on different missions where the gear was used in its natural element.

Unique for Norrøna is that everything from idea, to production, planning and placement is done in-house and no external agencies are used.


Rolle Navn
Art Director Kristin Imingen Hansen
Tekstforfatter Amanda Lanza-Rygner
Tekstforfatter Karoline Linnea Nohr Sarilla
Planner Amanda Lanza-Rygner
Kreativ leder Chris Holter
Marketing Director Martin Lien
Visual merchandiser Raymond Skjevling
Byråproducer Chris Holter
Byråproducer Kristin Imingen Hansen
Filmfotograf Johan Wildhagen
Filmfotograf Nikolai Schirmer
Fotograf Chris Holter
Fotograf Johan Wildhagen
Fotograf Kristin Imingen Hansen
Grafisk Design Kristin Imingen Hansen
Klipp Nikolai Schirmer

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